Turn What Off ?

Everything !

Well maybe keep on the lights, fridge, possibly heating and stove …

Mainly computers, TV’s, ipads, phones, playstations, x-boxes etc etc ..
Why ? Because I said so.

Actually it was more of a suggestion, lets turn off the TV computer etc for one night and play games, cook dinner, talk to each other, and guess what .. it was difficult.

“Can I just have 10 minutes ? Pleeeaaaaassee” said the 9 year old .. no no no – go and play said I.

It seemed as though the 1 hour screen time I had set was being stretched into two hours, two hours where, if I am honest, they were babysat and I checked my e-mail, washed up, cooked dinner and then got upset because “they” were still watching TV/playing computer games …

So the answer ? Start a global movement to “Turn It Off” .. maybe starting a little smaller, our house, then our class, other schools, other classes … other countries … global Turn It Off world domination.